Monday, 16 April 2012


The location of Penarik inn faces the South China Sea view overlooking the beautiful island of Pulau Perhentian, Redang Island, Pulau Bidong and many more. Island in Terengganu is famous for its beauty and uniqueness of the coral rocks, white sand, clear water and marine life.Penarik inn is 60km away from Kuala Terengganu , 50km from the airport, and  it is an alternative route to the coast to Kelantan. Setiu River that flows along the 8km to Kuala Setiu and its location located at the rear of Penarik Inn. This is very unique as the combination of the geographical ground is define as something rare, the sea is infront of Penarik and the river is at the back of Penarik inn. 

Conrad Hilton once said, "WHAT THREE THINGS MADE A GREAT HOTEL” and replying "LOCATION, LOCATION and LOCATION". And Lord Forte said ‘LOCATION, MANAGEMENT, MANAGEMENT'. For almost 20 years, Penarik Inn is becoming known not only by domestic tourists but even abroad as well.

Penarik Inn is located in Kampung Penarik, Setiu district of northern Terengganu. Every year, Penarik Inn received a visit from the cyclists from around the world. That includes cyclist from United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and many more. Giving preferential treatment to the visitors,Penarik Inn give comfort to the customer and treat them like family as a tradition which has run down from generations to generations. 

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