Sunday, 20 May 2012

thousand of image of Penarik Inn.


RM15 donation inclusive visit and iTOLONG PENYU  badge
RM50 donation inclusive visit and iTOLONG PENYU  badge & t-shirt
*all fees will goes to ITOLONG PENYU FUND

Friday, 18 May 2012

the map of Penarik Inn

This is our map and hopefully it will help you a lot and wishing you have a save journey to Penarik Inn.
see you!


Thursday, 17 May 2012

iTOLONG PENYU,what about you??

hi guys!our turtle t-shirt now available for those who donate to our iTOLONGPENYU fund.

Penarik Inn like people who aware that turtle now is a dangered species.and fyi we have turtle hatchery at our beach.why we need fund?

the fund is for us to hold an awareness events for local people and also student not to eat turtle's egg and also reduce plastic bag.and we started it by organized Earth Day last April.

What you can do to help us to is you can simply donate RM10 to our iTOLONGPENYU fund to get a badge and also RM50 and we will deliver to you our supercool t-shirt and a us a favor guys!!and if you like to visit and have a turtle and community program please do not to or call 012-6267947! Have a good day!