Thursday, 5 April 2012

please help us to save our turtle!

Hye lovely customer!

This would be our new mission to save our turtle in Penarik beach. We here had supported the program of saving turtle 2 years ago. Along the years, we supported all WWF activities and really into saving this innocent creatures. We had a turtle sanctuary at our place in Penarik Inn. For our lucky customer they get to see baby turtle and even turtle that can possibly lay eggs at our beach. We clean our beach almost every week just to make sure that turtle will comfortably lay eggs at our beach. On top of that! We also practice use less or none plastic bag everyday.

Well, we are planning to print new t-shirt so that we can give it to people who support us! and even organize more program for not to eat turtle's egg !!

To show your support to us, you can donate to us RM10 each and we will send you the supporter badge!

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